Unearthing The Complex Relationship Of Cyclists And Testosterone Levels

Unearthing the Complex Relationship of Cyclists and testosterone levels

Who needs to learn about the benefits of cycling? But just like too much of anything has its downsides, even excessive cycling can bring some serious threat to the secretion of one of the most vital hormones in your body, which is none other than Testosterone. Let us get into some real fact check.

Science Speaks

A series of experiments conducted since the 1970s, right through the present decade, have proved that too much endurance workout can have a negative impact on testosterone secretion. Consequently, you lose interest in sex life, gain unwanted weight, lose muscle mass, feel tired and fretful all the time, and even your bones start weakening. The findings of many studies also suggest that triathletes and cyclists are among the most vulnerable to suffering from low Testosterone. However, things might be all right for a moderate cyclist. As a whole, exercise, in all its forms, is helpful in developing testosterone levels. This means that you could use short spells of moderate to high-intensity workout options, such as cycling. It can help to stimulate the production of Testosterone.

The Caveat and answers

Various reports have also shown that too much endurance training, such as cycling, can lead to a temporary, or even permanent, decrease in the level of Testosterone.  Many studies involving Cyclists and Testosterone have suggested that prolonged and intensive training gives rise to the secretion of Cortisol hormone. It is a stress-inducing hormone that controls testosterone production.

If you are a cycling enthusiast or a professional cyclist, then it might be hard for you to switch to less intensive cycling. To make up for the balance, a number of workout experts suggest supplements like Military Muscle Testosterone Booster. With all-natural and ethically sourced ingredients, such supplements work simply. They make up for the deficiencies that Western diets typically feature. Simultaneously, they manage the deficiency of water-soluble vitamins and minerals as you lose them through urine and sweat.  And having no chemical ingredients means that these vegan capsules are safe to consume! Just pop 3 pills a day: one in the morning, one in the midday, and one in the evening.

Why Need To Take?

The reviews of Military muscle testosterone boosters, both on online forums and sites, are generally positive. Going through the reviews, you get the message that it has not only helped those having Cyclists and Testosterone-related issues but also helped them to lose their “dad bod.” It also apparently helps to treat sleeplessness and improve mood.  No wonder that you can call it one supplement with many benefits.

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